terça-feira, 17 de agosto de 2010

i love your appetite

stutter sounds waving like stars
line up our bodies
and I can't tell who is who

i love music and you love to dance
when we're together it's the perfect romance

from what matters of the darkness
rivers came from the trees to the leaves
two bodies in the sky
from our souls to the souls of our kids

hey hey, my life, we've got a big appetite
I could tell you, but you're already in love
hey hey, alright

oh oh, my love don't you ever get enough
why can't we be happy with what is happening?
oh oh, my darling, when it hits you it happend so fast

let go from looking back and regret
steady and always running for the door
it keeps turning our worlds around

sometimes is hard, hard to keep track
so hold your head up high and fallow your big appetite
and sometimes is never enough
so let it be easy and like what you please

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