quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2011

be "yoursoulf"(unfinished)

looking forward to see
what tomorrow will be
bringing everlasting beats to your soul
the day starts from the silent night
driving with nowhere to go
towards what takes you high

let it fill you in and overflow your glow
feel it banging in your belly for once
and let your shout out
the desire of an impulse
moving as it just needs to move
never ending

don't rush the river
it flows by itself
kickback, relax and take your time
enjoy your ride

the pitch and the rhythm are there for you to see
close eyes, listen to the hearing sound that world sings to you
music is the greatest gift gave to men
when it runs your veins
bliss takes over your heart
and your mind is no longer needed to save you
let yourself into the growing power of elevation

evolution is having total awareness of your pleasures
feed your guts with your desires
become one whole self

gather your weapons and go fight
identify with a cause and love it for what it is
you'll see your weapons are no guns and your fight is not physical
what you'll need is no bigger than a fist and fits inside your chest
and it pumps perfect beats making of it all you need.

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  1. your mind is no longer needed to save you!

    que bom que você voltou! :D