quarta-feira, 29 de abril de 2009

life will bent us into a shape

life can be divided in two parts
the 'yes' part and the 'no' part
the easy part and the hardcore part
the smooth and the rough part...

let's start with the easy part
if you say 'yes' to life once
it will instantanealy hits you with another situation
making you dizzy and increasing the chance of another 'yes'
the more you agree, the more you won't see
soon you'll be a walking dead, wondering without purpose

now the not so easy part is when you say 'no' to life,
you'll think that you did good and now you're tougher
but even harder and faster, life will collide against you
with another situation

dare to think now

the second time it hits you
it comes deep in your guts
and squeezing your insides
quick enough the feeling disappears
just in time so it can strike again

now you're tired
trying to stick to your 'no'
your body aches from bottom to top
every square inch of you weights a ton
this time you feel it on your face like a breeze
just light enough to knock you down

the last flash of light on your mind
makes you realize that there's not really a choice you can make
there is olny the unstoppable will of life
that has you in it's hands
just like a ball and chain
soon, not later, it will make of you whatever it wants

your heart as hard as gold
shapen into a scarred piece of wood aged by life.

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