terça-feira, 19 de maio de 2009

cup of coffee

It was a cold winter day
when Jim left home with no where else to stay
going from dinner to dinner
eating off the floor all the food he could get
Jim is a tall well built man but his brain is no bigger than a nut

Some day he finds a 10 dollar bill
and sits all mighty ordering a hot cup of coffee
Meg brings him a mug and fills with his desires
now Jim can't fit himself and asks for her number
she let out a laugh and say "boy, you'll not put out my fire!"

The boy walks out with his head down
thinking "that girl will never know why i frown,
but i'll come back someday and take her out to a killing party night!"
Meg never knew where she was getting into
if she only had a clue, she'd give him her number
and asked to blow him

10 years have passed and now Meg is an old lady out in the cold
Jim still a boy looking for his cup of coffee
and just before entering another dinner
he trips on some old lady asking for some change
looking her in the eye that she has left
Jim sees that same waitress that laughed at him
he thinks deep down in his nut brain
"now is the time for some action revenge!"

Jim seduces that kinky o'lady to the alley behind the dinner
takes down his pants and lifts up her skirt
and starts bangin' the bitch that one day don't took him so serious
Meg now doesn't know what's going on and says "wow!"
while zippin' his pants, that one eyed lady turns to him
asking Jim for his number
and that broken peace of meet that was Jim
laughs an evil laugh and says "lady, I just filled you up with my desires,
just like you did with my cup of coffee one day!"

Lil' Meg now was scared like hell
thinking who could be so mean
in a world she could not tell
Poor tiny brained Jim never knew why Meg had that hole for an eye
10 years ago when a boy with a body of man asked for her number
she doesn't knowing what to say talks him away
when deep in her panties she wanted him to go down on her
All alone sitting in some dirty bathroom Meg touches herself
thinking of that boy who looked like a man suckin' on her titties
when she shivered about to cum
she slips from the toilet sit and hits the ground hard
with her head in the trash can
she gets up and looking on the mirror
sees with what was left of her eye
a pregnancy test stuck on her eye ball

That's the story of the loving Meg
that didn't know how to say yes for a simple request
and the dumb Jim who never knew how to talk to a girl

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