terça-feira, 2 de março de 2010

lost souls forever

come on it, get on it
don't wait for no one
i'm much deeper,
the messiah shake down!

im counting on you,
come on it, eletronic
dance and present
no audience for you
only the music to save your soul

playing the game
follow me into this path
come on it, postpone it
shall we shine on stage
or leave the room to drive out of state

come on it, get on it
takes only half and a day
if we travel by dragonfly

say, layback and enjoy the sunset
keeper of the night on drugs, so come on!
you're gonna kills us all

hitch hike on the clouds
don't miss the stop
even though you feel you're on top
check out, i'm out of rounds
so now hand in hand together we fall!!


much closer
i need it
now or no more
we got our backs on the wall
are you gonna save us all?

more party
now we're high
so let's go by my dragonfly
so the troops are on fire
dodge the flames
swimming on the sun
you're hotter now than ever before!

come on it, get on it!

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