quinta-feira, 4 de março de 2010


don't you know?
be that free!

piano string and a man and a thing
will you give us a place where we can be?

sling shot misses you and me
while we sit on branches, tree

spinning down and around
you're whatever you wanna be

guitar groove, careful what you choose!
strumming many things, don't you know?

"be a bee
be, be, be a bee!"

break down and floating off the ground
waving like a wave on the breeze

if you love me
eat my beat

stop, put me on, play

guitar groove strumming tidal waves as you wave
crystal whistles on the background

piano dictates this chaos
heavy boogie-woogie on the left

and on the right
all of this, out in the open

break down again and wait for the new
love, love... love

flute's turn to inspire feelings
fill you up like air

banging bongo at home and you're there now
metal shinning loudly

how did it feel?
hope you know it was for real

stop, put you on, play

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