segunda-feira, 23 de março de 2009

easy breaker

standing on your door
i find no relief
closing in the war
i lost my belief

my feet are tired of hitting the ground
my legs have lost the will to walk
i'm glad that you're not around
so i won't need no one to talk

i wish i could end this
but i'm going towards myself
when i say i want your kiss
cuz i really won't miss

my curiosity keeps me from going away
thats the only reason i want you to stay
no matter what i do or say
i'll be up for another day

out in the night
i hear the wolves howl
and what i see is your light
bright as the moon, wow

i beg your pardon if i wasn't clear
sometimes it's hard to say what's evident
i'm just gonna scream so you can hear
now you'll understand what i meant

after i'm done don't say a word
i'll say what's to be said
you're my hummingbird
and i give you my love to spread

Um comentário:

  1. "Veja os sinais
    Você não irá tão longe assim
    Deixe isso pra trás
    Não se deixe sofrer
    Te quero tão bem..."

    Mudar de jogo - Cof Damu