quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2009

when days begin to come

i'm waiting in line
as i read the news
to be taken from fine
to your world of jewels

feelings are strong
if they're true
there is no right or wrong
only if they grew

take it easy if love hits you
it always work out if you're a fool
take my heart for granted and keep it close
sparkle stars when love starts

now close to you,
where i am and am supposed to be
may what blinds us
save you and me from whats not to be seen?
on this day that stays forever longing to end
i look at you and try to pretend
that i don't even care about your tears

i keep me love to someone else
too much to carry by myself
you made me a poet who writes about roses
with my tongue running through the air
like i dont care if you are there...


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