segunda-feira, 30 de março de 2009

tea for two

i know she's the one when she treats me bad
i'll ask her to come sit next to me
whenever she feels sad
i'll offer her my arms and pour some tea for two
i lay my head on her chest
and listen to her lungs singing airy songs
she must be from out of this world
no human would make me feel this real
when i look into her eyes
heaven's gate i contemplate
dark as the shadow
full of mistery as the unknown

this can't be good
i'll find out when it's already late
no good is good for me
i'll walk across the room
holding the flower in my hand
right to where she stands

just wanted to get one thing clear
out in the winter green grass fields
you're the one i want to sit with in the porch
and feel the sunlight warming our cheecks
as the sun sets and the dusk comes to end the day

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