domingo, 15 de março de 2009

the end

you're gonna be glad when this is over
the music will stop playing
there will be nothing left to listen
and you find me softer than silence

you'll beg for another lyric
the lack of noise will prevail
and the pitch of a rhyme will echo in space

write a music that needs no song
that will be played in everyone's heart
make sure your song needs no music
in between there's no presence

meet whoever is your creator
is it the lizard king or the dancing queen
ask it not for a light, but for a sound
close to it's knees you see no shape

load your gun and get a sit
you're close to the end
lay back your head and close your eyes

raise the heavy weigth on your hand
place it on your chest
where you keep the closest one's
feel the steel with your fingertip

soon you be thanking me
squeeze the trigger very slow
feel the heat of the gun burst
just before the bullet sets you free

feel the light essence of freedom
you can open your eyes now
breath out
i told you'd be glad

wish i could stay here with you
but if you excuse me
i got others to save from life
and bring to this noisy place
full of sounds,
filled with music
and covered on songs,
this place that is something beyond heaven
and far past the paradise.

4 comentários:

  1. a cada dia isso aqui tá mais a sua cara :] tá liiindo morzão hahaha \o beiiijo

  2. oh darling, kudos kudos kudos! muito bem linkado. a cada estrofe um pouco menos de ar... se é que isso faz algum sentido. eu sei que não faz, mas eu não quero explicar aqui, até porque eu não consigo agora.
    bonito, muito bonito... e nada emo. meu preferido! um beijo

  3. agora canta assim:
    "Se as meninas do Leblon
    Não olham mais pra mim
    Eu uso óculos"