terça-feira, 18 de agosto de 2009

enter the sea

yeah, she caught my eye
through haze, noon and night
she make me fly cloud high
and her love lose sight

find a way to say what you want to say
waste no time on thinking twice
don't go away
and roll the dice

ride with me today.

remember tomorrow.

it's an old silence
since the soul is as old as the sky
we are like sand in the ocean we fly
so much that comes with time
it's okay, let lips touch as we kiss
let the kiss last
and the time heal

my love, tell me
what would do if you had only one day?

my love, tell me
would you say what you want to say?

my love, tell me
would you come with me to the highest building
and kiss me until the end?

I am here thinking about you
it's not close to the end
but I think of never forgetting you

remember the sunny mornings
and the letters marked on the sheets
after a night of love with our spoken words

the spring breeze that brings inspiration for us
soft as a gentle touch of a petal
caressing your skin
waking you up

you smile with your eyes shut
the sweet perfume of your hair
makes the dawn full of colours
you say so much about yourself when you wake up
as your feet first touch the floor
and your body lines
draw new born shapes of beauty

2 comentários:

  1. if I had gotten this one day, i´d climb the highest building with you and kiss you until i´d fly away

  2. Sem nem te conhecer já estou apaixonada....