segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2009

new look

let's just paint you a pretty face
everyday is uncommun for me
today is as unsure as tomorrow
yesterday is so far that is just memories

go fast through the fields
quick, slow down now
doesn't looks like the world is in slow motion?
enjoy the moment that is already slipping away

am I changing just to feel good?
I wanna take you for walk and never come back
is this a little bit too greedy
or is just full filling my desire

people say love is blind
that's because I can't bare looking at such beauty for so long
it's just for a while
when you get used to it
you know for sure that love can see

you are free
go everywhere
visit life
and then come back
I'll be here for you

my life
you have taken my life
and I don't care anymore
don't feel bad for me
you just don't know
who my life is
you'll find out when it's time to be my wife

I'm too big to fit in this skin
because I'm a lover
I open up my eyes
for the fist time I really feel alive

beside you I'm not alone
and I know I don't wanna lose you
I am here for you
and you inspire my heart
my life
let's dance for tonight
my wife
all I need is you by my side

you're a whole new way of living for me
and routine has lost it's meaning

I wake up everyday by your side
and I'm feeling good

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