terça-feira, 25 de agosto de 2009

take me inside

close your sleepy eyes
to watch this dream descend

look at all this shooting stars
millions of shooting stars
on the streets of the sky

baby don't wake up
throw away that gold
stare with your diamond eyes
use all the colours you want to
and I'll use black

I've had enough of reality
come and sit next to me
so you and me can be free

dance away
love me back
paint the day
and I'll use black

another ending for your story
I never know when it's over
so you have to lead me

I find myself floating lost on your gaze
making the same mistake twice
be kind
it's not about compromise
I'm just your fool

why do I even kiss you
when I never know what not to do
when what is real is hard to see
and it's not reality
and dream or sanity

you are my blessing
you are my curse
you are my world I can't leave without
you are my great love
and great loves, one day have to part
as all things sure have to end

and I know exactly where I am
my desires comes far above the clouds
dreaming that I am... with you

and all the memories are fading
I realize what I got to do
so I take your hand
and we walk out of the world
into a sea of scents
where the water is as sweet as your kiss
the air is vital like your smile
the music plays in the same rythm and pitch of your heart
this is where we live

I am just watching you sleep
waiting to kiss you good morning
laying next to you
our bed is my paradise
and when I lay on the pillow
you're my angel taking me to heaven

3 comentários:

  1. tchee..
    lindo os textos...nao conhecia mais essa qualidade sua...
    te adoro..e nao eh d hj!!!

  2. I feel like crying..
    It's Amazing!

    I'm not Anonym. I'm Indre

  3. MIg, adorei os novos, parabéns, eles tão cada vez mais profundos, e gostosos de ler...