segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2009

somewhere out beyond the stars or in our hearts

nobody could ever really care
she turned into a wild lover
seeing problems down the line
don't let the dark secrets keep you up
don't let the darknees seek you

take it easy
not everyone is like you
lay back and take your time
spin your mind around
rise up to the clouds around your head
and dive in space to the infinite

running down the water stream
you see the heaven above
touch it with your lips and share the wealth
taste it with you tongue
close your eyes and dream away the pleasure
choose to lose ground and gain control
free fall from the senses that gives you sanity

the skies ahead are close
the past is near
the future is upon
and the present is gone

everything you have is atatched to the moment
the moment leaves with what you got

you sit under a tree
feel the warm breeze of change
the sweat run down your face

you smile

each thing you feel
each heart beat
each love at first sight
each rain drop
each night you stay up
each argue you have with someone special

that is love

every moment that longs to end
every hand you hold
every perfume you smell
every lips you kiss
every tear you cry
every time you breath out, i'll breath you in

that is life

you don't need to choose between them
you just have to put it together
it's easy
it's like breathing...

just breathe

2 comentários:

  1. nossa, que lindo. foi a poesia mais linda que li nos ultimos tempos. e mais plácida.
    faz bem pra alma, e pra mente que não quer parar de pensar. lindo.

  2. pode ser coincidência, mas a mudança de inspiração pra mim é clara. e é pra melhor... suas palavras ganharam um novo significado, com mais esperança. será que isso vem com a maturidade? or is it love afterall? beijos, querido.