quinta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2009

flavour of love

how important are your choices?
they are important no matter what you think of them

it's beacause of them that you turned into this beautiful person
even though sometimes you forget what you choose

each road you choose to roam
each way you go
is a small part of your body
of your temple

inside this temple lives a heart
it grows strong every time you move on
and each time you hesitate it gets older
time stands still in this temple

when our paths in life crosses
the wonder inside the tample grows a fruit
and it's up to you to leave me and let this fruit parish
or stay with me and make it turn into another wonder
rising the temple to a higher place

if you decide to enter the temple
you'd know by then that you're my flavour of love

the way you smile goodbye
and you hair on the wind like you wanted to stay

your perfume dragging my senses towards your neck
so your skin begs for my lips one last time

your eyes looking for me as you walk away
you don't want to blink and miss my last breath

there's no turning back
you can't walk this road again
but you should go and face the destiny
the seed you planted still in this temple
and someday you return to see it

it will remain inside for the rest of time
because now I have a small part of you
holding up the walls that protect this wonder

you're forever a part of me

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